Learn More About Our Open Board Roles

Work with an awesome team helping to enrich the educational experience of all students at Center Elementary School. We try to have two  people in each position to help us all manage the responsibitlies with a partner vs. solo. 

We are looking for shadows interested in the following roles:

Co-Vice President

Lead all volunteer management & staff appreciation

We need someone who can coordinate & recruit volunteers for all the programs & events that our PTO sponsors. If you are enthusiastic & understanding of parents’ many time constraints, then raise your hand and help us build teams to do great things for our school! Even better is if you can help parents find the best way to plug into our school community – let the Bakers Bake, and let the Shakers Shake, and help find folks to bring our Pinterest Dreams to life! 

The co-presidents also lead our ongoing teacher appreciation efforts. This includes pulling together ideas and volunteers for monthly appreciation moments, as well as coordinating a larger effort for Staff Appreciation Week in the spring. 


Manage the budget & other key financial responsibilities

Support the PTO by helping prepare and manage the annual budget and maintain accounting records in a timely and accurate fashion and handlign the reporting & filing of taxes and any necessary nonprofit financial statements and paperwork like annual raffle permit, and more. Day to day responsibiltities include making deposits, reimbursing expenses and ensuring our financial records are accurate and immaculate! 


Keep the board organized & communicating clearly

Support the PTO with key organization and planning needs, like setting meeting agendas, taking notes, and recording the minutes and any other important record keeping needs. Plus help to promote all the wonderful things going on to keep families, staff and the community aware of fundraisers, community events, volunteer opportunities and other important info (shared via social, email and on our website).

Enrichment Coordinator

Find & coordinate programs to enhance student curriculum

Learning is the purpose of going to school, but if it can be fun, it makes kids want to come & see what’s up next. In this role you’ll partner with teachers to seek out & coordinate fun presentations & assembly programs that enhance learning opportunities in & beyond the classroom. Help the PTO Secretary to showcase what we've done! May also help to find and apply for relevant grants, if applicable.